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Attracting More Buyers

The real estate market is as fickle as a fish, and sometimes sellers find their homes sitting unsold for months after initially being listed. This is not an indication that there is something wrong with your home for sale, or that it will never sell, instead this is actually a great chance for you to rebrand your house and market it to the buyers in a fresh new way that will get it sold, and quickly too! Here are some great tips to ensure that your home or condo are sold to the right buyers.

From Toronto townhouses to Montreal bungalows, there are many many homes on the market today, and the sheer volume of properties for sale is a bit of a hurdle for most sellers. There is always going to be a home out there that is 'better' (in one way or another), according to buyers. It all depends what they are looking for in a home, and what your home says to them while they walk through at an open house. That is assuming that the right sellers are attending your open houses, of course.

In order to get the most traffic at your condominium open house, it is very important to get the word out there. This means advertising not only through your realtor and their offices, but any other way you can as well. Putting up posters and flyers at your church, mosques or synagogues as well as various community centers throughout the city will catch buyers attention, especially if you have a bright colorful poster with clear information. You can put these posters up in storefronts as well, so long as you get permission from the owner in advance. Get creative with this, and try to get as many flyers up as possible in order to spread the word and attract people to your open house.

Whether you are selling a century home in a rural area with a few acres of lush farmland, or one of the newer detached homes, making sure that it is in great condition is very important to give the buyers a great first impression. This means that it is spic and span at all times (just in case a potential buyer pops by unannounced). You should also try to keep the entire home as clutter free as possible, with sparse furniture and decor throughout. You may have to store some of your belongings at a friends home or garage, or you may want to rent out a storage unit until your home is sold. Keeping a clean home is important, whether you are selling a new bungalow or one of the vintage condos. With the right amount of cleaning and advertising, your home will be sold in no time!

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