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Student Loans

Would you believe that anyone can eventually become one of the rich snowbirds that descend upon St. Petersburg, Florida each winter to buy time shares and sail their yachts? It's true. Good jobs with good pensions and stock in gold bullion bars are available to anyone who is willing to commit to the time and training such jobs require. You may think that just because you and your parents can't afford to pay for college on your own that you can't go, but there are other options.

Government Student Loans

Depending on your nation of origin, you may qualify for financial assistance to attend college. For instance, Canada has a large pool of public funds in Canadian ETFs and other investments that can be borrowed at low interest by students who can prove they cannot otherwise afford to pay for college. The United States government has a similar provision known as Federal Student Aid, and France will pay for any of its citizens to attend a domestic university free and clear.

Bank Loans

There are many students whose parents' incomes put them in a grey area - not rich enough to pay for school and not poor enough to qualify for government aid. These students can turn to banks (often the same ones that act as mortgage lenders for their parents) to take out loans for school. Generally these have to be co-signed by the parent and the interest rates are higher than government loans - though lower than rates for car, house, or business loans.

Grants, Bursaries, and Scholarships

To reduce the period of time and the amount of money you'll have to pay back on your loans while you're working at your first, low paying job after college, while you're studying you can seek out additional funds that don't have to be paid back. They come from all quarters. Riverside bankruptcy lawyers often give out small scholarships to the children of clients or employees, as do banks, clubs, unions, and the colleges themselves. Apply for everything.


As tempting as it may be to take out a larger loan so you can have a nicer lifestyle, or to spend any extra loan money you have left over at the close of the year, loans are not free money. You have to pay it back, so be as frugal as you can. Avoid choosing a bank or lender that offers you a chance to win a car if it means you will be charged more interest.

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