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Variety Of Work In The Area

When moving to a new city, it's always good to have an idea of where the best opportunities lie in terms of employment. Whether you're experienced with deep fryers or woodworking machinery, knowing where to apply your trade can be a big help when starting fresh. Here's a breakdown of employment sectors in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Like many cities, the top employer in the city is the health and education center. With over 300 schools in the city, both public and private, as well as several post secondary institutions, educators are always in demand giving new residents with teaching degrees an opportunity to forge a career. With a dozen hospitals in and around St. Petersburg, anyone with experience using tools like radiation shields and scalpels will find plenty of opportunity to showcase their skills in the health care sector.

Next on the list of top employers is, not surprisingly, the retail/wholesale industry. Whether or not you have experience, perhaps the best place to find a job here or anywhere comes in this industry. In addition, one can gain valuable experience that will help advance their career in this sector or another. From learning how to sell used jewelry to managing a store or warehouse, retail is a great place to find quick employment.

Finance and real estate, another vital industry to any urban city, provides nearly as much employment as retail. With a high turnover rate, this is a great place for anyone with the right education to begin or continue a career.

For those who love to get their hands dirty, the manufacturing industry is a great way to earn an honest living. From forging a front auto plate to assembling new technologies, there are opportunities abound in and around St. Petersburg for those with the right skills and desire. Likewise, where there are cities there are people to help in the construction.

Anyone with driving experience can find work in St. Petersburg in the transportation sector. In addition to warehouse driving and the mass transit system, there is a sightseeing trolley called the Looper that shows tourists historic St. Petersburg spots.

Other popular sectors include professional office work, public administration, and information technologies. There's also a burgeoning arts and entertainment industry which employs over a thousand people in the area. So whether your passion is telecommunication networking or installing a tube, there's a world of choices available when making St. Petersburg your home.

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