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MLS Listings for Etobicoke Condos

MLS Listings for Etobicoke Condos

There are a lot of reasons why Toronto is such a popular living destination for most people. It's a big city with a big city vibe, there are a lot of entertainment options, be it going to a Maple Leafs hockey game or taking in a concert of your favourite band at one of the many live entertainment venues Toronto has to offer like Massey Hall. Those are just a couple of reasons why Toronto is such a hot living destination. However, there is also a reason why many people who want to buy real estate in Toronto ultimately decide against it, and that's because of how expensive purchasing real estate in Toronto is.

One look at the real estate prices in Toronto is enough to scare off most Toronto real estate buyers. Luckily though there are potential solutions to such a problem, one of which is purchasing real estate that's not directly in Toronto but still keeps you close to the Toronto scene. Like Etobicoke. If you're one of the many people interested in purchasing real estate in Toronto but can't pull the trigger on buying Toronto real estate because of the high price tags that come with most Toronto real estate properties for sale then why not take a look at one of the many Etobicoke MLS listing properties?

Whether you're interested in purchasing a house or condo in Etobicoke you'll be able to find exactly what is you're looking for. There are a number of houses and condos for sale in Etobicoke that can be had for less than what they would cost you in Toronto. Just taking a quick look at the Toronto condo market and the Etobicoke condo market there's a difference in both the high end and low end price spectrum in each respective condo market.

For instance a one-bedroom/one-bathroom condo listing we found in Toronto at the bottom of the price spectrum goes for $219,000. In Etobicoke you can get a two-bedroom/two-bathroom condo suite for $244,00. That's only $25,000 more but you get double the property, really. How could you go wrong with that? You'll come to find that a lot with Etobicoke condos, as they tend to come with more features than similarly prices Toronto condos. At the top of the price spectrum there are many luxury Toronto condos that are available for millions of dollars, whereas a high priced luxury condo in Etobicoke can be had for just around one million dollars. Whatever way you look at it comparing condo prices in Etobicoke to Toronto will usually tend to lean Etobicoke way.

Hopefully now that you've finished reading this article you'll have a greater appreciation of the Etobicoke real estate market and will consider it as an alternative to purchasing real estate in Toronto. At the very least it should give you an idea as to what else is out there if Toronto is just outside of your price range. Plus, if you do end up purchasing a house or condo in Etobicoke you're only about a 15 minute drive from downtown Toronto, so it's almost like you're living in Toronto anyway. Combine that with the money you would save and it gives you even more reason to browse the Etobicoke real estate market over the Toronto real estate market.

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